Thursday, August 25, 2016

Welcome Back to Strength Training with Coach Cap

Coaches, welcome back to the High!
Coach Cap here... fresh of a summer filled with personal records like flipping a 650 lb tire 270 yards and picking up a 275 lb atlas stone with no tacky. At 47 I am still getting stronger through Strength Training: imagine what your young athletes can get from our program!

One step at a time, one off-season at a time, one season at a time, one athlete at a time... Stamford High's 'Culture of Strength and Conditioning' is growing. Coaches, you can be a part of it now.

Even if your athletes are not in season have them start coming to Strength Training! They do not come on their own, you know this (most). But they will listen to their coaches. I can only do so much and I encourage you to make this leap with us. 

Our first year last year saw great progress for many teams and it can only improve... Back out in the yard!

Contact me and let's schedule times. We will be doubling up some teams that are similar so as not to waste slots.
All sessions will be outside on the turf. 2:35-3:30 and 3:35-4:35. Players must come early and help set up. and Last session teams must stay after to clean up. Coaches if you are sending more than 15 athletes please send a coach to help. Having you there makes it ten times better in terms of team building, bonding, etc. Plus you can workout too! 

Please contact me soon and let's get rolling. or or get my text from me....

Also please have your athletes read the blog @ Tons of info and workouts and scheduling on the blog! You too should read it to better coach your athletes.

Let's GO!
More State and City Championships are there for the taking, more Scholarship athletes too... but it takes all of our cooperation.

Thanks for your time,
Coach Cap

This is last year's list... please let me know if you are no longer coaching or send me emails of new coaches!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday 4:30ish


Beyond the Farmer's Walk 6 Ways to Do Loaded Carries by Jorden Page

Beyond the Farmer's Walk

6 Ways to Do Loaded Carries

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sunday @ 8

Sunday @ 8 am ... beat the heat
225 lb. Stone last week. 275 Next week!