Monday, February 13, 2017

Fighting Shape - Ryan Bader MMA Workout -

Great Dynamic Stretching Routine for the break! (I actually like to do a donkey kick/toe touch where he just does a rear leg raise... and on the World's Greatest Stretch I try and touch my elbow to the ground.)

Deadlift battle!!!Eddie Hall,Brian shaw,Big Z,Thor... 60 secs 369kg/813lbs

Now this is fun!

Vacation Schedule

Workouts up until Wednesday 2/15 and then resume next Wed. 2/22 for Winter Break.
Daily Workouts at home should look like:
Active Stretching 10 Min.
Body Weight:
Some kind of Squat and or Lunge 5x20
Some kind of Jumping 3x 15-25.
Clapping Pushups 100-200 per Day.
And/or Pull-ups 4 x 10
Mt. Climbers and or V-Ups 3x 30 Seconds.
Run 1-5 miles
100 yard Sprints and or Stairs & Hills.

Don't back-slide over break!

-Coach Cap

Friday, February 10, 2017

Baseball :2:30 -- No 3:30 Today

25 Tips for a Bigger Raw Deadlift by Adam Pine

Getting a big deadlift is simple, but not easy. Nothing fancy is needed. Shy away from gimmicks, pound the basics, and train hard. Develop the right mindset, build better technique, and use proper programming. As an experienced strength coach and powerlifter, with a deadlift of 750 pounds, I want to pass along 25 tips for building a brutally strong raw deadlift.
1. Attack the bar. No second-guessing, no hesitation. The bar will expose these things. It’s never a question of if it goes up — it’s only a matter of how fast it will go up. Be confident, aggressive, and attack violently.
3. Technique first. Work on technique before loading a ton of weight on the bar. Poor form can lead to injuries and plateaus. Longevity is the name of the game — nothing halts progress faster than an injury.
4. Keep it simple. No need to bombard yourself with cues and bog yourself down. The deadlift absolutely requires technique, but it’s a fairly low-skill lift compared to the Olympic lifts, or even the squat and bench press. Use cues that help you lift more efficiently and explosively. If your goal is to lift as much as possible, you don’t want to worry about feeling it in certain muscles. This will only slow you down. The objective is to get the bar from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible. Cue: SPEED!

Friday, February 3, 2017

ACCESSORIZE! | George Leeman's Deadlift Accessory Exercises

The Will to Do..

The WILL to Do... to be more, to do more, to lift more, to run faster, jump higher, be smarter, to learn everyday and to improve on that learning. The WILL to get up, time and time again after falling or failing or being laughed at and told you can't or you won't. THE WILL. This, my friends and colleagues, and athletes is -as I have said a billion times- This is our GREATEST MUSCLE. If I can get you to strengthen your will then I have been a good, no, a GREAT Strength Coach.

Let's work together to make that continue to happen.

-Happy Friday,


Okay. Big Guns Friday! Let's Move Some Weight!