Friday, December 23, 2016

Ditka Diamonds...

Coach Cap's Christmas Wish (Challenge)

Cap's Christmas Challenge...Stay Strong Over Break!

Just because we have a break doesn't mean you take off and get...'Jolly'. Give yourself the gift of POWA! YAH!

Coach Cap's Christmas Challenge: 
60 -150 Push-ups a day (variations).
60 -150 Bike Crunches/Plank (3 Min.) 
60 - 100 ATG SQUATS
30 - 60 Front or Hammer Curls
Run 20 Hills a day or Stairs
RUN! 1 - 5 Miles
30 Turkish Get-ups 
30 Bulgarian Split Squats and Single-leg Hip Extensions (each Side)
50 Burpees and/or 30 Burpee Broad Jumps (or Both!)
***Meditate (Breath Training) 15 Minutes per day
10 Selfless Acts.If you have access to a gym USE IT!

Being Strong is a Life Style. It has to be like breathing. It must be done everyday.
"Right? CAN YOU HEAR ME!?"
'Yes Coach!'

Happy Holidays
From Coach Cap and Coach Buckett 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 Ways To Perfect Your Post-Workout Protocol by Lisa Kenilworth

Mike Kundla's Power-Day Post-Workout Routine

  • 10-15 cat/camel stretches to release tightness in the shoulders and back 
  • Foam roll hamstrings, quads, and back; ; alternately you can use a barbell with your legs
  • Lacrosse-ball trigger-point work on the hips, shoulders, and calves: 30 seconds of pressure 2-3 times for each area. 
  • 10-15 bodyweight walking lunges per leg
  • 20 arm circles in each direction
  • 3-5-minute cool-down on the stationary bike
  • "My power days require greater recovery and take more time," he says. "I do a lot of stretching using three pieces of equipment every athlete should include for recovery purposes: a kettlebell, a lacrosse ball, and a foam roller."
    On accessory days, Kundla does more traditional-style static stretching. "I also jump rope on these days—100 jumps with both feet, 100 with alternating feet, and 50 reps on each foot individually," he says. "This helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in my feet and ankles, which helps reduce injury risk."

2. Water Does More Than Keep You Hydrated

Water plays an important role in recovery, and both athletes stress the importance of not only drinking it to stay well-hydrated—which is critical for achieving top-level exercise performance—but for active recovery as well....

Baseball 2:30 - Track 3:30 Today

The Holy Grail of Sports Training: EMOM Sets by Glenn Pendlay

EMOM sets are magical. They train the body to fire motor units faster, more explosively, and more powerfully. They even improve technique. Here's how to do them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to Lift Atlas Stones (Stone Series Pt I)

Should I Lift or Should I Sprint — The Case for Speed by Cameron Josse

Speed kills. How many times have we heard that? Anyone who has worked with team sport athletes understands that in order to make it to a professional level, athletes MUST have the speed necessary to do so.  I have worked with college football players that missed making it to the NFL strictly because they ran a bit too slow in their 40-yard dash. Sure, cases can be made that the 40-yard dash has little to do with the movement requirements of American football, but there’s no doubt that players are being scouted on their raw ability to move with speed. At the end of the day, the player who can move the fastest within the context of their sport will almost always be more successful. Therefore, regardless of the specific context, speed is a necessity in team sports.
For the purposes of this article, the discussion about speed will be limited to field and court-based team sport athletes. While hockey and water polo players must be able to display great movement speeds, other physics are involved that make the demands very different from land-based locomotion. The fastest way to move on land is to sprint in a linear direction. For this reason, we will specifically consider the case for linear sprint training for team sport athletes.

In linear sprinting, there are typically three phases that are accounted for: the start, acceleration, and maximum velocity.

The Start

The initiation of a sprinting motion typically requires a great deal of explosive and starting strength. In track and field, the start happens from being positioned on blocks. For team sport athletes, however, the start can happen from a variety of different positions. Examples of drills to use can include a 2-point start, 3-point start, starting from a push-up position, or even starting by turning to the side (using a hip turn) or starting to the rear (using a drop step) (6). No matter what the starting position is, athletes must be able to get into a proper acceleration position and overcome the forces of their own body weight and inertia to explode into a sprinting motion.


T-SHirts have been ordered

Baseball 2:30 / Track 3:30

New Plyo Box from Santa & Channuka Hal


Thursday, December 1, 2016

LAX 2:30 - Girl's Open Weightroom 3:30 Today!

Showing Up is 99% of the Battle

On a half day of school some people go home and eat Fruit Loops and Watch Cartoons... And then there are those special few who go to workouts to become the Super Heroes in those cartoons that other lazy people are watching.

Life is 99% about showing up.

(*Disclaimer: then they went home and ate Fruit Loops and Watched Cartoons - but they earned it! And were JACKED!)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to Shs Coaches and Athletes

I am thankful for all the blood sweat and tears you have all left out in the yard and in the weight room with me. Continued success Black Knights.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Girl's Open Gym @ 2:30. Boy's Open Gym @ 3:30 Today.

Girl's Open Gym @ 2:30. Boy's Open Gym @ 3:30 Today.
No Workouts until Monday after Today...with me. Go WORKOUT over break!

Hindu Push-Ups
Body Weight Squats
Split Jumps
Wall Sits
Hip Thrusters
Bulgarian SPlit Squats
Bike Crunches
Side Planks
Roll Outs (Use mom's Rolling Pin while she's cooking)
Burpee Broad Jumps
Put Big Uncle Hal on your back after Desert and SQUAT him!

A Brand New Way to Deadlift by by Joel Seedman, PhD

A Brand New Way to Deadlift

Deadlift more. Deadlift better. Pull with the strongest, safest, and most efficient biomechanics. Here's how.

ROCK THIS VOTE PEOPLE for Girl's Volleyball!

Vote For The Ruden Report Team Of The Week

We have six state championship teams for our final Ruden Report Team of the Week vote of the fall season.
Your finalists are: the Greenwich swimming, Staples field hockey, Darien field hockey, New Canaan field hockey, St. Joseph girls soccer and Stamford volleyball teams.
The winning team will get our T shirts, courtesy of our sponsors: BlueStreak Sports Training, Karl Chevrolet, Innovative Health and Rehabilitation, The CT Center for Advanced ENT Care, Hoyt Livery, Splash Car Wash, Rhone Apparel, Darien Orthodontics, Bobby Valentine’s Sports Academy, Colony Grill, Tutoring Club, Anthony Marciano All-State, All Sports Apparel, ONS, The Blind Rhino, New Balance New Canaan, ASF Sports & Outdoors and Tigers’ Den.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lax & Girl's Soccer -- Inside Today (Thursday)

Matt & Lucas Hit PR's Flipping the 650 TIRE

Used to be only the Seniors flipped it...but now...

Track/Baseball/Wrestling/Lax Crew in the Yard

Way too nice out not to get one last day in the Yard...

The 5 Healthiest Types Of Rice by Matthew Kadey, MS, RD

Rice is an ancient staple for billions of the planet's modern denizens, but it has come under attack in recent decades. First came the low-carb craze, which considered eating rice an express ticket to Pudgeville. Now the upswing in Paleo eating has spurred a new generation of rice bashers into full gallop.

1. Brown Rice  2. Wild Rice  3. Sprouted Rice  4. Wehani Rice  5. Black Rice

Black Knight Volleyball Keeps on Rollin!

Black Knight Volleyball Keeps on Rollin! Article and pix from The Stamford Advocate
TRUMBULL — After Stamford High’s 3-0 victory over Amity in the Class LL state volleyball semifinals, coach Mike Smeriglio was asked to describe his feelings.
“This,” he said after the 25-16, 25-20, 25-22 win Wednesday at Trumbull High, “is Iowa.”
Smeriglio was paraphrasing the famous line in the movie “Field of Dreams.” But if the third-seed Black Knights really want to feel as if they are in heaven, they will have to beat No. 4 Ridgefield, which defeated top-seed Greenwich 3-2 Wednesday, in Saturday’s state championship at 4 p.m. in East Haven.... 

Stamford Advocate

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wow. Squated with 225 on the back "ATG" for the first time in a year.

Finally able to demo ATG Squat. Easy 225's this morning to test the neck out. Like a BEAST. Let's GO! Tired of just talking about it, able to BE about it again. Appreciate good health people and make hay when the sun is shining.

-Coach Cap

Baseball/Wrestling/Open --- TRACK back in Action Let's GO!

Baseball/ Wrestling and Open 2:30
Track 3:30