Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The New Yoke is Here! The New Yoke is Here!

Coach Sam Showing off the new Rogue Yoke/Squat & Bench Rack! Thank you Athletic Council! Awesome is an understatement!

Systema Koreahq - Relaxtion after strike to deal with multiple attackers

Great example of the effectiveness of being relaxed in sports (or Martial Arts) - leading to greater power output and situational response to multiple tasks.

705 Club Sled Pull Photos


405-705 Sled Pull

405-705 Sled Pulls With Jaylen, Jayden, Enrique, Nova, Coach Sam, & Coach Cap -- Let's GO! Next 1000 lb. Cleats... gonna need cleats.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Deadlifts, Landmines & Heavy Bag Mountain Climbing - Oh My

Today's Fun in the Yard 4/13

Fatbar Deadlift w Chains 5 x 5
Landmine RDLs/Row Super Set 5 x 10,7,5,3 - 20
Cement Bucket Farmer's Walk 3 x 50 Yards
Tire Flip 3x10 650 lb.
Heavy Bag Mountain Climb x 10 (5 Each Shoulder)
Fast Feet - Box Jumps
Push - Up Medley/ Curl w Chains Super Set
AB Medley

Boy's Basketball & Tennis Do the "Old Man River Up the Mountain" Workout

Monday, April 11, 2016

Should be a go for Outside But check Weightroom first

Do you have a WORKOUT CREW?

Do you have a WORKOUT CREW?
You have friends, yes, but do you have a posse who pushes you to your limits in your training? Nothing helps you hit the weightroom on those blah days than your crew. When you want to sleep in they text you and drop guilt bombs on you until you get your lazy but up and motivated!
If you don't have a partner or whole crew... get one, start one, find one! Training is a life-long pursuit and everything is more worthwhile, fun and rewarding when shared.

I still remember my SHS high school lifting crew. It included three captains in three sports and the Athletic Director among others. We used to have to put on a stupid fishing hat when we lifted and we would try and make each other laugh and deadleg and smack each other to make the big lifts and ridiculed and pranked each other... We were nuts - we were monsters. And we had a blast. Most importantly, all of us still TRAIN HARD to this day.

Find a Training Crew.

-- Coach Cap

4 Steps to A Big Bench by Dan 'The Boss" Green

4 Steps to A Big Bench

It doesn't matter if you're a powerlifter, a bodybuilder, or just a regular gym guy. The admiration of a big bench is pretty universal. But at some point you realize it's not very cool that you only "have a friend" who benches a ton, or that you used to bench a lot in high school. When this happens, it's time to take responsibility for your bench and become a respectable member of society.

Unfortunately, wanting it doesn't make it happen. First of all, you need to learn how to bench right. This means embracing it as a full-body lift that draws strength from not only the chest, tris, and delts, but also the upper back, lower back, butt, and legs.

That may sound like a lot to learn, but in my experience, you can make it happen by following four straightforward steps when you set up. From there, it's just a matter of executing them every time and putting in lots of reps. That part is up to you.



Close-grip bench press
Paused wide-grip bench press
EZ-bar skullcrushers
Cable press-downs
Dumbbell bench, incline,overhead presses
Dumbbell laterals andflyes

There are many styles of bench pressing, but all good techniques start by pulling the shoulder blades together. Retracting the shoulder blades creates a very strong base for you to blast the weight from, and keeps it from wiggling around overhead. If the shoulders are retracted and held in place, all the tension created by the chest and arms during the press will transfer from the bench to the bar. This means power.

What your legs are doing during the bench is hugely important. If your legs are relaxed, you can't use them to help move the bar, which is crucial for moving monster weights.

Dan Green and Dave Tate Talk Powerlifting Training -

For my more advanced guys...

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Coach Dillon hit a new PR of 515 lb. Deadlift over break...What did you achieve?