Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Welcome Back Black Knight Athletes and Coaches... LET'S GO 2018-2019


Time to get back after it folks... Unleash the inner Hero/monster/zen warrior/freak athlete trapped inside of you all summer.

Let's flip tires, deadlift, run stadiums hit heavy bags etc. until our will and bodies are perfected and then do more-more-more! Make working out a necessary habit, like breathing.

"Even the smallest stream carve a canyon if it never runs dry."
- Yoarashi 1435 AD

Check the schedule for times. Check indoors first-then get your butts outside (and/or listen for announcements).

Rules are simple in the Yard:
1. Blue Card or No Lifting.
2. Help set up and clean up.
3. Come to WORK or learn how --- or don't come.

'Don't talk about it... Be about it... Or be somewhere else.'

Let's have a great school year.
Go Black Knights!

-Coach Cap